1. Once an order has been completed, confirmation page will appear with the details of the order number and a breakdown of the SKU’s and any payment instructions if realtime payment options weren’t used. There will also be an option to activate their account on our website. 
  2. The customer will then receive two emails instantaneously. The first will be an activation email asking to register their account.
  3. The second email will be the order email with Tax Invoice and PDF copy. 
  4. Once a consignment has been generated and the shipping manifest has been submitted, an email is sent to the customer with dispatch notification and the tracking number.

Production & Delivery Time:

  • Estimated delivery time for an average order is 7 working day from the date of order placed.
  • Orders with special parts and custimisation require an additonal production time which could vary depending on the size of the order and could take up to 3 weeks.